About Us

About us:

Total Health Now brings more then ten years of personal training and experience to the task of regaining control of your health & vitality

Health is our passion and we invest in researching many health products and treatments/therapies.

Lana is a mother whose children enjoy excellent health. Sadly this is not the case for many children, while ours enjoy great health the vast majority of the time. This of course is not a coincidence, but the application of specific strategies! Lana loves sharing these strategies with other parents and clients.

Kostas holds a Msc in Tourism Management, who for years worked long and stressful hours which took a great toll on his health. When traditional medicine failed he regained his health & vitality after research into holistic approaches. Today has taken his research, plus professional training & qualifications to develop a complete System of Health & Vitality.


INTEGRITY –Focusing   at the root cause of the problem rather then just the symptoms for the sake of repeated sales


QUALITY – Promoting products and services tested by ourselves and ONLY if they have proven to work


INNOVATION – Sourcing   unique and latest technology products/services that they bring lasting results faster


PASSION – Loving what we do and we “walk the talk “by applying the same principles to our daily personal & family life

Take Control of Your Health NOW!

Kostas Kapelas &  Lana Kapelas